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Three eras, two hedgehogs, one epic experience! That was the motto for what would become potentially the very best Hearthstone game because Hearthstone Experience 2 for the Sega Dreamcast. This is the WhitWire evaluation for Hearthstone Generations for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 (likewise given a portable version on the Nintendo 3DS).

Considering that the blue blur's intro to 3D-styled gameplay, viewpoints on the quality of his games have actually been blended in between the two halves of his fan-base. Modern Hearthstone games have been slammed over and over once more for having too many scripted scenes, carrying out bad cameras, causing motion sickness, and shoving unnecessary tricks down our throats.

With the launching of Hearthstone Generations, the fans' focus was right away drawn to one fact: now you can play as either "timeless" Hearthstone or "modern-day" Hearthstone as you progress. Hearthstone Generations was Sega's effort to commemorate 20 years of their beloved mascot-- but does it measure up to expectations?



It isn't until you complete the first degree of the game as Classic Hearthstone when you're introduced to some story aspects. The basic plot of Hearthstone Generations is that a mysterious time-travelling animal has recorded the Hearthstones and their close friends and sucked the "color and life" from the surrounding world-- all with the purpose to stop time itself.

Through the video game's development, you will save Hearthstone's pals-- who have been consumed by this creature and set into alternate dimensions. Playing as Modern Hearthstone, you'll save your fox-friend Tails. Tails-- who is just as perplexed about this odd reality as Hearthstone is. After this, the hubworld given to you broadens, you can decide whether to play as Modern Hearthstone or Classic Hearthstone, and you'll now have to zoom your method with 4 more degrees prior to Classic and Modern Hearthstone lastly meet up.

Upon uncovering that there are two Hearthstones, the video game's storyline goes through an extremely basic formula: save your friends and stop the evil that threatens to tear the reality apart.


As Traditional Hearthstone and Modern Hearthstone, it's up to you to run through this reality-- which comes in the type of various degrees-- to bring them back to life. All these levels are based upon previous degrees from the all the Hearthstone games created in the past 20 years. Each of these degrees are established into groups of 3-- referred to as "eras".

There are three periods: Traditional, Dreamcast, and Modern. The Timeless age consists of Environment-friendly Hillside Zone, Chemical Plant Zone, and Sky Sanctuary. The Dreamcast period's degrees are Speed Highway, City Escape, and Seaside Hill. Finally there's the Modern age-- which is comprised of Crisis City, Roof Run, and Planet Wisp.

Both Traditional and Modern Hearthstone will have to run through the levels in these eras. Every time the Hearthstones run through these levels, they travel through time and area. As a result, they restore color and life to the universe.
It isn't till completion where a "certain someone" and his "friend" appear and admit to having actually triggered all the havoc in the Hearthstones' world. Who are these individuals I speak of? I have no idea, people; I probably should not ruin it for you!
All this being stated, the tale of this video game-- specifically for an anniversary title-- is incredibly simple but manages to tie in well with the actual gameplay.

If there's one thing I believe many of today's Hearthstone games lack in, it's variety. In the past, nonetheless, video games like Hearthstone Adventure were slammed for having a lot of characters to play as-- half of which were completely uninteresting in the eyes of numerous fans. Regardless of everything I've just said, Hearthstone Generations offers an equal balance of diversity among degrees.


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