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Wario Land was my most-loved video game from the original GameBoy, and that I do not think That I have ever adored a 2-D platformer as much as I liked it. When I noticed the series would definitely Wii as a full retail video game, though, I had my questions about how useful it might be at full price. 2-D video games are already very overshadowed by 3-D in this generation, and today gamers (myself integrated) are beginning to feel that 2-D video games are inferior to people in the third dimension. Does Wario Land: Shake It just further push those presumptions or does it show us wrong?

Wario Land features a funny story, however it does not show up frequently. Simply the Shake King has taken over the Shake Dimension, imprisoning all the cute little inhabitants, kidnapping the princess, and taking the excellent treasure: a coin bag that constantly provides you with coins when you shake it. The only person to escape this horrible occurrence (named Merfle) in some way finds Wario in his own dimension, going on with his normal everyday life. Captain Syrup and Merfle enlist Wario's help in returning the land, the princess, and more importantly the coin bag, and that is the last you hear about the storyline until you beat the Shake King. Both the beginning and end cutscenes have the sheer comedy you realized from a Wario game, and also the greedy hero takes nothing significantly and tries to lose out in the end.


The video game advances during the period of five areas, each with four levels and one boss. You need to beat one level to achieve the next, however, you can buy the next area if you need to and have enough coins, so that you can go through the video game how you like. There might be only 20 main levels, however additionally, there are plenty of challenging bonus stages and every level (bonuses integrated) has three to seven tasks and three treasure chests to discover. I can ensure you will feel willing to go back and then try to do more in the game than simply beat all the levels, and to acquire everything you will need to play through each level a minimum of two times. So while there aren't a bunch of levels, the ones available are worth replaying.

Each level is extremely smartly designed with regards to playability. Getting through to the end is generally pretty easy, and after you reach the end of a level you need to get back to the start before time expires, which nearly becomes an enjoyable minigame, really. If you discover the booster close to the end of the level, you can take the quick procedure by which you are continuously operating at high speed. Returning to the beginning quick enough to clear the level's mission according to time entails many well-timed jumps, slides, and turns and could be quite difficult. So the levels are very designed in terms of playability, simply because you have to be able to cope with the normally and then there is an entire course build for high speed.



The level design matches the gameplay very nicely. Shake It plays like other 2-D platformers, you move left and right, jump, and all that, however Wario has generally had the opportunity to charge as well, and today he also has an earthquake punch which can be used to stun foes, solve puzzles, along with other things. This is accomplished with a shake of the Wii remote, a function that works quite nicely and is not over used. The Wii remote may also be shaken to get coins out of coin bags, which is a nice feature in the gameplay. Motion control can also be utilized for several submarine levels as well as in a boss fight, and tilting the controller to strive for tossing enemies and for shooting Wario out of a cannon works quite nicely too. Overall the ideas, level design, and controls get together very nicely for an excellent gameplay encounter.

Shake It may be fully 2-D, but that is not to say the graphics do not look really sharp. They might not be   visuals like you see in Mario Galaxy, however it is about as effective as you are able to make a 2-D game look. The objects and characters are not incredibly detailed; however they look very sleek and sharp. The animations for all the actions look good too and add much to the humorous Wario feel. The level backgrounds look wonderful too, and if you take a look, such things as large rocks will in reality pop out in front of the level in a few locations, however they don't obstruct your vision in any way. Shake it shows several of the best 2-D graphics that I have ever seen, and so they really add a great deal to the overall experience of the sport.

Shake it sounds nearly as good as it looks. The music tracks might not be the most unforgettable you have ever noticed, however they sound great and fit their respective environments very well. The sound effects are 100% Wario too, with interesting sounds that have good quality.

In a world where 3-D is often times hailed as king, Wario Land: Shake It stands tall and proud. It seems to be just as enjoyable as most of the 3-D games out there and offers an experience any fan of the series or platformer aficionado will like. 2-D CAN be worth full price, you just need to be prepared to pay up.



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