Why We should Play COD 4

The system of COD4 is the the very first thing offers a few variety into the mix. Primarily, you are able to choose one of some pre-made classes, each with a particular primary weapon, secondary weapon, attachments and exquisite little improvements called 'perks'. These perks even more flesh out your character by permitting him to do things such as hold extra grenades, take more damage (or dish it out), and sprint for longer ranges. To begin with, there isn't a great deal revealed: the weapons are mediocre, the benefits average at best, and there isn't too much variety. But that is not all…

Where the video game genuinely gets fascinating is the capability to generate xp as you complete goals and defeat other gamers. Earn sufficient experience and you will move up in rank, meaning unleashing features, weapons, attachments, classes, perks, and difficulties (more on those in a bit). The best point of curiosity is unlocking the Create-a-Class feature, which enables you to develop your very own class with its own weapons, perks, and so on. As a lot more perks and much better weapons get unlocked, you will discover yourself not so hopeless anymore, as your jerky, one-shot sniper rifle is changed by a semi-automatic, your dusty handgun is substituted with a desert eagle, and your perks involve such fascinating abilities as the opportunity to take out your handgun as you lay dying and fire several final shots at your killer, or dropping a live grenade when you die-off.

Difficulties add yet an additional reason to play multiplayer. As your increase your rank, you will unlock challenges for every weapon that, when completed, grant you accessories and extras for that particular weapon. Furthermore, you will find challenges that do not entail specific tools, which include jumping and falling to your death, killing a particular number of enemies while crouching/prone, or shooting down a helicopter (these, however, just offer you extra experience).

In general, the multiplayer experience of Call of Duty 4 is incredible, and in all likelihood worth the price of the game by itself, providing you don't mind having fun with others. A big problem with it, nevertheless, appears to be that once you attain level 55 on the PC version, you cannot carry on any further and that somewhat tempers the experience as an entire. Another caution is the fact that, while Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gamers get to keep their gamer profiles stored online, the PC players don't. This implies that if you play the video game from another computer, the job you must have done building up your character and designing classes is all gone, which may be very annoying. Aside from this, nevertheless, the multiplayer portion in general is extremely well done.


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