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This application has possible but it does have some problems. For example there needs to be much more free garments as opposed to only being able to get one complimentary shirt, pants, and shoes. It oftens collapse on my device and I have an Android Status 7L. There has to be a lot more activities also. But overall it is rather fun. First of all you got to make an entire account then it just keeps turning up various apps. It states you could alter your Sims yet when I click it takes me online to another internet site. None of this application made since I tried to figure it out have no idea exactly what's up. Got removed fast did not trust all the online places it was taking me to. I suched as the chat rooms and music in among them.

I directly enjoyed it as a result of the radical differences in character. You can find the ideal individual for you or an individual to argue with in the same space, so as long as you have company, you'll never ever get bored. Acquire some clothes, buy a wonderful residence, toss parties for your Sims and have lots of enjoyable! I've been betting months and occasionally I'll obtain tired yet I'm addicted and can not quit it. I've been trying to play this on my Kindle Fire Hd for 2 days. It let me play a little like 6-7min however then it freezes and close my kindle totally off. Now whenever I come back on I'm on for like a min then it ices up and closes my Kindle down again. Kindly tell me this is not just taking place to me. If you could fix this it would be a lovely game to play.


It's pretty great except for the reality that to get cash for clothes u got to either survive Sims. Gain in texas hold'em. Or make use of genuine money. The free clothes draws. Yet they repaired huge bug that was making individuals nude. Likewise the rating system is a little eggy yet in all the game is pretty good but also for actions avikan you have to go a lot more comprehensive. Permit communication in between personalities and grinding and hung and all that things. Folks were simply odd. So back to the island with the lady she saw me and I don't know why however keepinged following me. I informed her many times to stop following me. She keepinged typing points like Just what's your name? Exactly how old are you? Can we be close friends? Then I go to a spot and there's these two girls stating that people of them needed to withdraw considering that she viewed him initially. I resemble truly. Oh, and the minute I get on the game. There currently one gal, that really did not even understand trying to start something with me. Like just what the check.


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