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All in all, I'm amazed with The Sims 3: Into the Future. EA/Maxis packed a great deal of material into its last expansion, and it ranks amongst my favorites for The Sims 3. Eleven growths seems like a bit much, especially considering all the things packs and mini-expansions they have actually contributed to the online store, however if you, like me, are still a fan of the Sims franchise, Into the Future is definitely worth a look and will certainly help you continue things intriguing.

Naturally, with time travel comes innovation. A brand-new skill, Advanced Technology, lets you take advantage of everything from jet packs and hoverboards to food synthesizers and sonic showers. The skill offers you more options when utilizing the tech, like having the ability to program the Dream Shuck or including brand-new food options to the synthesizer. There's likewise the laser rhythm-a-con, a brand-new musical instrument and potential skill. A type of laser-harp, it makes lasery noises and modifications colors and sounds more like sci-fi sound results than music, however maybe I'm too old to comprehend brand-new future trends.
The real star of the show is Bot Building, the other new ability added in Into the Future. A Plumbot does not require to interact socially unless you provide it a Capacity to Love or Simulated Emotions chip. If you can not cook very well, give your bot the Steel Chef chip.


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Chips are made using nanites, a brand-new kind of collectible found in the world, and there are 20 chips you can set up. If you prefer, you can provide your Plumbot the Life chip and let it choose who it wants to be. If you do choose to go into Bot Structure, the Bot Fan trait can assist you. It's exactly what it states on the tin, making your Sim a fan of Plumbots and able to develop them better and faster. Your Sim will periodically have delusions, entirely and permanently (till the next delusional episode) changing your qualities.



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