Great Battle Of Strategy In Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a game like any other that lets players play in various game modes of choice. The very first thing that I recommend to try playing is what we call as casual match. This is best suited for beginners since this game mode offers you to learn without the burden or consequences of losing. This is the perfect opportunity to learn from the game because winning or losing is never an issue, unless you take pride from either of it.

The second game mode which I think is very popular to the people are very competitive is what we call the Arena mode. This is best characterized by its distinct "build and battle" feature where players challenge other players online. You will have to choose one class among the several classes available in the game and from that you will build the deck of cards to fully use the best strategy for it against your opponent. Legendary cards are also included in the game mode.


The last game mode in Hearthstone is the ranked play where players compete for ranking in the leaderboard. With such mode, you as a player, will get recognized by the gaming community as you will appear as the top player regionally or globally. However, such feat is not easy to achieve because there are so many great players out there competing for the same goal and not to mention those who are willing to spend lots of money for them to gather the best cards possible for their class.

Now for those who played the beta version of Hearthstone, you might have noticed that Blizzard made some changes in the ranked play mode. I have summarized these changes in a short and easy to understand points listed below:

·         Win / Lose you will get / lose one star

·         Winning consecutively grants you bonus stars of various amounts

·         You decrease in rank if you lose

·         Matchmaking has been tweaked to ensure balance gameplay

·         Legend bracket means you belong to the legendary category



Of course, playing in ranked play mode offers the gamer various rewards which was not present during the closed beta version. This is perfect for those who are not only wanting to rank but at the same time wants to earn items for building the deck of cards for its maximal potential.


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