What Do You Know About Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are the newest title in the long standing series of Pokemon games by Game Freak. I know a lot of you reading this can relate to the excitement that I got after hearing the announcement of these new games coming up later this year. So to hype up some more, let me share to you my thoughts on the trailer released just recently and perhaps things will be enlightened with this.



One of the cities on these new titles is Mastive city and to be honest, it is beautiful. The little text box with a little caption thing says “it is a town were scientists work day and night on the research aiming to reach the great expansive space.” You guys remember this place in the original Ruby and Sapphire right? Everybody thought that you could go up to space and battle the Oxes or something like that. It was a huge rumors that you could go to the Space Center and go inside the space center walk around like a million times trying to find out what's going on and if I could do anything. It is because there were just rumors of going to the moon. Imagine if you could go to the moon now? What if they have an event and we can go to the moon. It would be insane and they have done crazy things in remakes before so it is possible here.

As we can see, Brandon is looking at a little rocket ship thing so basically there is like a rocket right there that can possibly take you out to space. We can see it there. I think there was a rocket in Ruby and Sapphire as well but this one looks really cool. There is a screenshot where we see Brandon running around MastiveCity. We can also see the water looks amazing. I'm particular with the graphics and I can tell that the water was upgraded here.  I'm so crazy about water that I noticed that in Black 2 & White 2 the water was upgraded from Black and White. It's just crazy like the small details the water just gets me all the time for some reason.


That is all for trailer discussion I have for you today and hopefully I'll have gameplay or a demo these games really soon. I've heard that they're demo will be released soon. That is something we should be excited about.


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