Geralt Open World In Witcher 3

The game is one of the kinds of open worlds that bring gamers to its core of entertainment. The game is totally unique to its core and has lot of good features around the game.

In the game you see some random bodies hanging around the trees as you go through the place of temperamental baron and there are many monsters around who lurks and also bad spirit who roams around the battle ground, plus this place is somewhat a haunted ground.

You can do fish fighting in the game, playing card or even racing horse and there are many things you can do in the game like travel around through neighboring country  and discovering monster lair. Other thing would be fighting bandits, collecting hidden treasures, looting abandoned towers and more over talking to random peasant and NPC plus can acquire mission and task.

Some gamers during to what they see toward the preview of the game they state that the game is more on city style settlements rather that villages and manors and some would say the game is balance it switches the scenario in most cases.

When talking about the city style this somewhat to be so vast and much more impressive. There are many places that are great to visit like the Oxenfurt and Novigrad this somehow the biggest cities around the game. The villagers somewhat support this 2 huge cities and they somehow serve the corrupt city.  

In every story of this 2 Cities they somehow a strange background and dark issue which begin hidden in front of the citizens. When dealing this type of game you will travel around two cities from time to time, which more investigate some issue regarding about your task and quest?

The good thing you can fast travel around the Cities in order to make on time and easy to achieve the quest you take on. During traveling on the road you will encounter some road mission and also can encounter accidental quest.

The good part of main quest this somehow include some side quest along the way and other would be like a chain quest which make the quest too long to complete. As you can see if you travel around from every place you will always encounter some quest. And also the monster will always come in your way try to ambush you or kill you for good.

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